itoctopus is a friendly North American programming company with particular focus on salvaging, securing, optimizing, and extending small to enterprise Joomla websites.

As of October 2016, itoctopus offers 3 main services (Joomla consulting is part of PHP Consulting):

itoctopus has been in the business for a decade now and has been growing steadily ever since, and the reason for this growth is the quality, efficiency, scalability, and cleanliness of all the programming work delivered by itoctopus. An additional factor for itoctopus’ success is reliability: you can rest assured that the itoctopus team will deliver your work on time, on budget, and on scope. And, if your website faces a sudden hiccup at 2 AM in the morning, then you can rely on itoctopus and call 514 933 8036 in and an expert will answer your call and fix the problem for you (this only applies to Joomla and is part of our Joomla emergency services).

If you’d like to work with us as much as we’d like to work with you, then please contact us – we’re positive that we will work together for a long time!