A Script to Migrate Articles’ Meta Keywords to Joomla Tags

Note: Before you use our script, please backup your website (filesystem + database). While we have tested our script many times it’s always better to be on the safe side and backup your Joomla website first.

Important note: The script is provided “as-is”, we can’t claim responsibility for it. We can’t even claim that it will work for you – in fact, running it may even turn on and off the lights in your house incessantly until a 33 year old man who speaks 7 languages (with Gibberish as his first language) says the word “itoctopus” correctly! You have been warned!

We don’t think highly of tags, especially Joomla tags. In previous posts on this blog, we mentioned why they were bad from an SEO perspective and from a technical perspective. Nevertheless, many of our clients use them, and so we cannot ignore the fact that they are there.

In fact, quite a few Joomla administrators were using tags even before Joomla integrated a tag system into its core. Some of them used extensions for tagging, others used meta keywords in articles and simulated a tagging system on their Joomla website.

Naturally, almost all of these Joomla administrators wanted to switch to Joomla’s own tagging system ever since it was introduced, but it wasn’t an easy task: the switch was technically a (costly) migration from one system to another. So, the absolute majority of them kept on using what they were using, with a dream that one day, someone, somewhere, will create a tool that will migrate their tags to Joomla’s tagging system.

Well guess what? For those using meta keywords for tagging the someone is itoctopus and the somewhere is the charming city of Montreal: we have created a script that will smoothly migrate the meta keywords of Joomla articles to tags. Yes, we’re not kidding, you can download the script from here!

All you need to do is to extract the zip file, and copy the unzipped PHP file called migrate-meta-keywords-to-joomla-tags.php to the root directory of your Joomla website (e.g. at the same level of your index.php file), and then point your browser to http://www.[yourjoomlawebsite.com/migrate-meta-keywords-to-joomla-tags.php. Once you do that, the script will automatically generate tags out of your meta keywords and assign them to the appropriate articles. That’s it, you don’t have to do anything else! Convenient and simple, isn’t it?

So, how does the script work?

The script grabs all the articles (that have meta keywords) from your #__content table, and then it loops through each entry, generating tags using a modified createTagsFromField function (this function exists in the tags.php file which is located under the libraries/cms/helper folder), and tagging articles using the tagItem method of the JHelperTags tags class.

Will the script create redundant data if it’s run more than once?

No – it won’t. If you run the scripts multiple times, then the existing tags won’t be recreated, and the articles will be untagged and retagged. In other words, you won’t end up with duplicate data if you run the script multiple times.

How long will the script take to execute?

It depends on the number of articles with meta keywords that you have on your website. We found that it takes around 1 minute to process 400 articles on a medium power server. Note that the more tags you have in the #__tags table, the slower the script will be (e.g. the second batch of 400 articles will take a bit more than a minute to process, and the third batch will take more than the second batch, etc…)

Will the script timeout if there are too many articles with meta keywords?

In most cases, it shouldn’t. We have ensured that there are no limits on the amount of time that the script can take. Nevertheless, some server settings (especially on cheap hosts) disallow any alteration of script timeout limit. If this is the case for you, then you will need to use the LIMIT MySQL clause in the main query to ensure that you process the articles in batches (we have explained how in the script).

Will too many tags cause the Joomla website to be slow?

Definitely. Especially on the backend when you are trying to create/edit articles. One of the posts we have linked to at the very beginning of this post explains this issue in details and how to overcome it.

Can I use this script anywhere for free?

Yes – it’s free for both personal and commercial projects. No need to alert us if you want to use the script. But, if you need help using it, then you can always contact us, but please note that our super affordable fees apply.

3 Responses to “A Script to Migrate Articles’ Meta Keywords to Joomla Tags”
  1. Comment by Neil Robertson — December 8, 2016 @ 5:02 pm

    This is useful. Thanks for providing for free!

  2. Comment by Tero Kankaanperä — August 15, 2017 @ 12:07 am

    First of all: fantastic that you have taken up this task, I’ve been looking for some way to convert my old meta keywords to tags for over a year now.

    But this works only partially: it does generate those meta keywords as tags that don’t already exist but it seems it doesn’t connect them correctly to articles. Tags are visible in articles at the front-end but if I choose to browse tags from the front-end none of them connect to any article. Every single one I’ve chosen returns zero articles with this tag and that’s not right. Also it created hundreds of number tags ranging up to 2000 when I ran it and these tags are also visible on the front-end.

  3. Comment by Fadi — August 24, 2017 @ 1:27 pm

    Hi Tero,

    This is odd – we have used the script for several of our clients, but there must be a hidden bug somewhere that is causing this issue. Quick question: which language are you using? Also, can you provide a bit more debugging information?

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