A Very Weird Joomla Issue

Back in 2011 (yes – that’s 6 years ago!) we published an article titled: “My Joomla Changes Are Not Showing!“. In short, the article stated that when Joomla changes in the backend are not visible on the frontend, then it’s a caching issue.

Of course, Joomla has changed substantially between then and now, but typically, when Joomla changes are not showing immediately, then it’s almost a certainty that the cause is caching. It might be browser caching, Joomla caching, or server (or proxy) caching – but it is, almost always, caching. We’re saying almost because on very rare occasions, the cause is not caching. Let us tell you a little story to make our point…

Yesterday evening a new client called us, and told us that she was not seeing her changes, despite clearing the cache. So, we logged in to the backend of her Joomla website, made a small change, and then checked the website, and our change did show. Naturally, we told her that her website didn’t have a problem in reflecting new changes, and we asked her to clear her browser cache. And so she did, but, even after clearing her browser cache, she didn’t see our little change. It was puzzling. We asked her to use another browser, and another machine, and she did, but the problem was still there…

Eventually, she mentioned to us that the whole problem started when her host moved her website to another server early in the morning. And so it hit us: we asked her to ping her website from her end and we pinged her website from our end, and, unsurprisingly, we both got different IPs. It seems that on her end, the website hasn’t resolved yet, but on our end, it did, and that’s why we were seeing the changes and she weren’t. Mystery solved!

Now if you, our dear reader, are not seeing your Joomla changes immediately and if you are sure that it is not a caching issue, then it might be caused by a recent move to another server, and just restarting your Internet router (and your machine) may resolve the problem. If you need help investigating the problem, then please contact us. We are always ready to help, we are always happy to help, and our prices are super affordable.

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