Blank Page on a Joomla Website Powered by a RocketTheme Template

We have discussed blank pages on Gantry templates before, but yesterday, a client called us and told us that the suggested fix did not work for him.

So, we checked his website, and we discovered that although he was seeing a blank page, the HTML code wasn’t empty. In fact, the HTML code was full of the following commented code:

<!-- Unable to render layout... can not find layout class for mod_standard -->


So we asked the client on whether he did something on his website that might have caused this, and he told us that the only thing that he did was moving his website from development to production. Aha! We thought, what if Gantry’s cache became corrupt because of the move?

So we deleted the Joomla cache by going to Site -> Maintenance -> Clear Cache and then selecting all the cached items by clicking on the checkbox next to the # sign and then clicking on Delete on the top right. That fixed the problem!

If you have moved your Joomla website (which is using a RocketTheme template) from one location to another (either on the same server or to a different server), then try clearing the cache folder (if you don’t want to delete your whole cache then simply removing the gantry folder under the cache folder will also fix the problem), and see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t, then please contact us. We will help you fix the problem in no time and for a very affordable fee!

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