Our New Passion: Integrations

For the past decade, our (almost) exclusive focus was the Joomla product. However, in the past few years, we suffered from an increasing appetite to a specific marketing niche: integrations. We tried to stem this appetite by avoiding such jobs as much as we can, we tried to quench it by taking as many integrations […]

Adding Complex Logic to HubSpot Emails

One of HubSpot’s powerful features is the ability to have a workflow send an email. Typically, the workflow contains the logic (if-then-else), and the email contains some dynamic data, such as the first name of the person, the title of the person, the company that the person works in, etc… However, the email cannot contain […]

How to Identify Contacts Who Downloaded a File from a HubSpot Page

If you are an avid reader of our blog, you will notice that our main focus is currently on 3 things: security, performance, and marketing. Marketing is an extremely vast domain and our clients always have exciting challenges for us. For example, we just finished working on a huge HubSpot-Tealium-Constant Contact integration project. Essentially, the […]