How We Blocked an IP from Accessing HubSpot Pages

It’s Saturday, and we received an interesting email from one of our clients. The client said that someone was manually spamming their HubSpot forms with odd data. HubSpot is good at blocking spammers, but manual spam is really hard to catch. The client asked us to block this person from accessing their HubSpot pages. There […]

How to Disallow Google from Indexing Your HubSpot Gated Documents

Here’s a common scenario: you create a HubSpot landing page with a form. Once people fill in that form, they are redirected to a gated document (possibly an e-book or a whitepaper). The system is simple and works flawlessly, you are happy, and your client is happy! A few weeks later, your clients emails you […]

The Elusive “Thank You” Message On HubSpot Forms

Say you have a HubSpot form that you want people to fill in. The HubSpot form that you have is very long with many input fields that you need for your business. You embed it on one of your pages and then you send out an email with a link to that page. People fill […]

How Leads Can Download Multiple Gated Assets with One HubSpot Form

Here’s the problem: A client of ours has many gated whitepapers on HubSpot, and they wanted to group them into pages where each page contains the related whitepapers, by topic. So, in essence, the HubSpot landing page consists of a simple lead generation form which, at the end, contains a checkbox list consisting of whitepaper […]

How We Created a Multi-Step Form in HubSpot

As you may already know, HubSpot only allows for single-step forms. They don’t have a built-in function to create multi-step forms. They do advertise a workaround, which is creating two landing pages, each containing a form with a set of fields, where the first page, when submitted, is redirected to the second page using the […]

How We Added HubSpot Pages As Events in Google

A client of ours asked us to list some of their HubSpot pages as virtual events in Google. These pages were mainly webinar registration forms. To the untrained eye, the task seems to be very simple, because it consists of simply adding some structured data in the HTML as described by Google here. In reality, […]