Don’t Update Everything on Your Joomla Website in One Shot!

We constantly get clients who tell us that their website crashed after they have updated it. “And what did you update exactly?”, we ask them, and they reply that they have updated everything! And that’s the cause of the problem!

Updating a Joomla website should never be done in one shot. The first thing that you should do is to update Joomla’s core (if you have a modified core, then check this guide on how to do it). Then, you should wait for a week or so, to make sure that your website is stable, and after that you should start with updating your 3rd party extensions (one by one – you should always wait at least a week before updating the next extension).

By following the above method, you will be able to rapidly solve problems resulting from an update on your Joomla website, instead of spending a lot of time guessing which update crashed the website. Unfortunately, many Joomla administrators mistakenly believe that it’s better to do all the updates at once, and thus fall into the trap of conflicting updates.

One the same note, another issue that we have noticed is that quite a few Joomla administrators rush to updating their websites the moment Joomla releases a new update. This is a practice that we do not recommend. Joomla administrators must wait at least a couple of weeks to perform the update, since some (official) Joomla updates can crash the website, even if that website doesn’t have a modified core! Additionally, even an official Joomla update can introduce some serious security issues that may compromise your site. It’s always better to wait for community feedback before updating.

If you updated all of your Joomla website in one shot and are now left with a broken website, then fear not. We will fix the problem for you in no time and for a very reasonable cost – all you need to do is to contact us!

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