Events in Certain Categories Not Appearing on JEvents Calendar

A couple of hours ago, we got an urgent call from a client in the UK (it’s now 7:30 AM here in Montreal), the client was using JEvents (the well known Joomla event calendar extension) to display the events of his company. He told us that for some reason, all the events under some categories are not displaying on his website. Our client said that he was sure that those categories were published (active) and when the events were listed under different categories they would show up. We smiled because we worked on the exact same problem a few days ago so we knew how to immediately fix it.

We then asked our client whether he selected those categories in the menu item pointing to JEvents. He said: “Let me check…” A minute later (he was still on the phone), he told us: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Now enough with the narration, and let us explain to you, our faithful reader, how to fix the problem:

  • First make sure that those categories are enabled. You can check whether those categories are enabled by logging in to the backend and going to Components -> JEvents -> Categories.
  • Now check that the events are actually published in those categories. (We know, DUH, but sometimes this might be the reason)

  • Now go to the menu item pointing to JEvents, and make sure that these categories are selected on the right of the page. See image below…

JEvents Select Categories

Figure 1: Selecting Categories on JEvents’ Menu Item

Doing the above should fix your problem, if it doesn’t, then try creating a new category, and add a new event to that category and see if it works (make sure that the menu item pointing to your calendar has this category selected). If this still doesn’t work, then check if you have two menu items each pointing to a JEvents calendar on your website. If this is the case, then again, make sure that you are working on the right menu item.

If all else fails, then why not contact us? We can definitely fix the problem for you at record speed. We don’t charge much and we are very, very professional. We are also very friendly! What more could anyone want from his programmers?

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