How to Advertise on Joomla

It is normal for a business to advertise on its website to get some extra revenue. There are many ways to advertise on a Joomla website:

  • Use contextual ads: Contextual ads are advertisements that are displayed by 3rd party companies such as Google and Yahoo. The advantages of contextual ads are the following:
    • They flow with the website: The contextual ads read the contents of your Joomla website and then try to display ads that are very relevant to your website. This is their power. When visitors see ads that are relevant to your content, they are more likely to click on them, and you are more likely to make money.
    • There is no maintenance associated with these ads: You don’t have to deal with advertisers, you don’t have to deal with payments, you don’t have to deal with anything, it’s all taken care for you.

    • They are very simple to install: All you need to do is install a JavaScript code on your website and the ads will be displayed.

    Although contextual ads are good, they have some disadvantages, including:

    • Low and slow earnings: Don’t expect to just make a substantial amount of money the moment you put these contextual ads on your website. The process to making money from contextual ads is slow and painful.
    • Ads for competitors may appear on your website: There is nothing worse for a business than to see the ads of a competitor on its own website, and this tends to happen quite often if you use contextual ads. However, Google allows you to block competitors in their ad management system.

    • You know nothing about the ads that appear on you website: Who knows, maybe you are displaying the ads of some scammers that Google hasn’t caught yet.

  • Use banners: Placing banner ads on your Joomla website is an excellent way to make revenue. The advantages of banner ads include:

    • You know who you’re advertising for: Unlike contextual ads, you know exactly who you’re advertising for when using banner advertisements. This is because your advertisers contact you directly (or you contact your advertisers directly) to put their banners on your website.
    • You get to choose which ads display on your website: Again, when using banner ads, you get to either accept or reject ads for display on your website. This will give you total control over the content of your website, including the displayed ads.

    • You’ll make more money: You are the one to set the price of your ads that display on your website when you go for banner ads, and it’s you, and you alone, who will get the money of the ads (you don’t share it with anyone else, including Google)

    The disadvantages of banner ads are the following:

    • You’ll have to manage the ad campaigns yourself: This includes approving/rejecting ads, following up with advertisers for payments, and more importantly, finding advertisers to advertise on your website.
    • Creating, installing, and managing the ad system can be time consuming: You will have to create (at best customize) an ad system to fit your needs, which may take some time and will cost you money.

If you wish to install a banner system on your website or you wish to ingrate contextual ads, then you can contact us and we can help you do so. Oh, and our fees are very affordable!

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