How to Change the Browser Title on the Homepage of a Joomla Website

Note: This post is aimed at Joomla beginners – make that absolute Joomla beginners! We’ve been writing posts for extremely advanced Joomla developers for a long time now and we thought writing a post for absolute beginners would be the right thing to do on New Year’s Eve (Happy New Year, by the way)!

We get a couple of calls every week from (new) Joomla administrators who want to change the browser title on the homepage of their Joomla website, but they don’t know how, and so we do it for them. Here’s how:

  • We login to the backend of their Joomla website.
  • We click on Menus on the top navigation, and then we click on the menu that has the homepage (the menu with the home picture next to it).

  • Once we’re in the menu that has the homepage (there’s only one home menu), we search for the home menu item. We do this by clicking on the Home header twice (to show the home menu item first). The home menu item is the menu item that has an orange star under the Home header.

  • We then click on the home menu item, and then we click on the Page Display tab.

  • We then change the value of the Browser Page Title to the new title.

  • We click on Save & Close on the top left.

  • We clear the cache by going to System -> Clear Cache, and then clicking on the top checkbox, and finally clicking on the Delete button on the top left.

  • That’s it!

In most cases, the above will solve your problem. But if it doesn’t, then it’s possible that the browser title is controlled by the template or by a 3rd party extension. If this is the case, then please contact us. We will be able to do it for you in very little time and for a very affordable fee!

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