How to Change the Popup Window Size for “Email this link to a friend” Link in Joomla

If you’re using the “Email this link to a friend” feature in Joomla, then you might have probably noticed that the popup window that opens when clicking on the link has fixed width and height, which means that if you ever decide to change its template, then it’s very possible that those fixed width and height might not be enough.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the width and height of the popup window from the Joomla backend because the popup dimensions are hardcoded in the code itself. So, in order to change them, here’s what you need to do:

  • Open the file icon.php which is located under the components/com_content/helpers folder.
  • Locate this line:

    $status = 'width=400,height=350,menubar=yes,resizable=yes';

    Change it to:

    $status = 'width=your-width,height=your-height,menubar=yes,resizable=yes';

  • Save the file and upload it back.

  • That’s it!

While the solution above fixes the problem, it is a core change, which means that a future update of Joomla might wipe out your changes. We think that Joomla should have the option to change these dimensions in its backend. But, for now, that’s the only solution.

If you’re not comfortable changing a core file, then please contact us. We can do this for you in no time and for a very affordable fee!

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