How to Convert a WordPress Theme to a Joomla Template

Sometimes, you see a WordPress theme, and you wish there was a version for it in Joomla so you can use it on your website. You start thinking, is there an immediate way to make a WordPress theme work on a Joomla website? The straightforward answer is no. You can’t just make a few modifications and make the WordPress theme become a Joomla template. However, there is a way to convert a WordPress theme to a Joomla template…

But it’s a very tedious way, you will need to do the following:

– Forget about the PHP code of the WordPress theme altogether (e.g. PHP source files), and just go a demo of the theme and download a sample HTML page.
– You will then need to create the Joomla theme out of that sample page (this process is identical to creating a Joomla template out of an HTML mockup – which is how all templates are created). Creating Joomla templates is not a piece of cake, and it involves a lot of hard work.
– You may need some PSD documents in order to cut/re-create some images.

Although the above consists of 3 steps, these steps are not simple at all. Just think of it as creating a new Joomla theme, because it will take you nearly the same amount of time to do a theme from scratch.

At itoctopus, we currently don’t provide design services, however, we can convert a WordPress theme to a Joomla template. This is a process that takes a maximum of 3 days (depending on the complexity of the theme). If you have a WordPress theme and you want it converted to a Joomla template and you don’t want to do the work yourself, then feel free to contact us, we’re always there and glad to help!

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