How to Resolve the “Call to undefined function mb_split()” Fatal Error on a Joomla Website

We were commissioned yesterday morning to move a website form GoDaddy’s shared hosting to a VPS (with another company). So, we zipped the files and we exported the database from the old server, and then we extracted the files and imported the database on the new server.

We then proceeded with testing the website (after modifying the configuration settings to make them point to the database on the new server), but, the moment we loaded the website, we saw the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_split() in /home/[user]/public_html/components/com_roksprocket/lib/RokSprocket/Util/HTMLManipulator.php on line 36

Since we have encountered this fatal error many times before, we knew exactly what’s causing it and we knew exactly how to fix it.

So, what’s causing it?

Well, typically companies leasing VPS’s (or dedicated servers) to clients provide these VPS’s with the basic settings – so these VPS’s don’t have many Apache/PHP modules installed (they just have the very basic ones installed). Even common PHP modules are not installed, such as the Mbregex module (which stands for Multibyte Regular Expression, which is used to manipulate strings in all languages, not just Western languages), which absence is causing the fatal error.

OK, so how you can fix it?

Fixing the problem consists of merely installing the Mbregex PHP module on the VPS. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this (we are assuming you are running a WHM based VPS):

  • Go to WHM.
  • On the left side, search for EasyApache3, and then click on the EasyApache3 link.

  • Click on the wheel next to the selected profile to modify the settings.

  • Click on “Next” until you reach the “Short Options List” tab.

  • Click on “Exhaustive Options List” button (do not click on the “Exhaustive Options List” tab – the button that you should click is located at the very bottom of the page)

  • Search for Mbregex in the list and click on the checkbox next to it.

  • Click on “Save and Build” at the bottom of the page.

  • Click on “OK” on the popup window, and then click on “I understand” on the second popup (the second popup is telling you that you should not terminate the process or you may risk corrupting the Apache server installed on your host).

  • Wait for about 15 minutes and don’t do anything (it is recommended that you don’t even use your machine for anything until the process is completed).

  • Click on the “Save New Configuration” button on the final popup window (note that you must scroll down in the popup to locate this button).

  • That’s it! Your problem should be solved (we know it solved it for our client and for many other clients).

If you’re facing the same fatal error on your Joomla website after migrating to a VPS (or a dedicated server), then follow this guide and you should be all set. If this is happening to you after moving to a shared host, then you should contact your host (almost all hosts are accommodating when it comes to missing libraries, which is a good thing and a bad thing). If you think this guide is a bit too technical for your taste, or if you are running something different than WHM (such as Plesk), then please contact us. We will fix the problem for you in no time and for a super affordable fee!

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