How to Truncate a Table Using Joomla’s Database Abstraction Layer

We know, you’ve always dreamt of truncating a database table using the Joomla database library, but you didn’t know how to do that, so you used the following code instead:

$db = JFactory::getDbo();
$sql = 'TRUNCATE TABLE `mytable`';

The above code works, but it doesn’t say much about your Joomla skills. A cleaner way of truncating a database table is to use the below code:

$db = JFactory::getDbo();

With the above code, you will accomplish 2 things: 1) You will achieve your dream of using the Joomla abstraction layer for truncating a table, and 2) your code will look more professional even though, well, you are truncating a table!

Will the truncateTable method work on all database drivers?

Yes. It will work with all database drivers since it is defined in the main database driver abstraction class.

Will the truncateTable method truncate any table, including core Joomla tables?

Yes – it will. In fact, there are no checks whatsoever on the truncateTable method, it can truncate any table, including, for example, the very critical #__assets table. So, be really really careful when using this function and do not rely on any Joomla built-in precautions because there aren’t any. You have been warned!

Is there a dropTable method?

Yes – there is. It works the same way as the truncateTable method, except that it drops (deletes/removes) a table instead of truncating and that it is defined at the used driver level, such as the MySQLi driver (not in the main driver), because of the difference in the implementation of the DROP SQL command between different database engines. For example, Oracle doesn’t have the DROP TABLE IF EXISTS functionality, but MySQL does.

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