Is Your Joomla Article Not Updating?

We receive a call every other day from new clients telling us that one of their Joomla articles is not updating: They can see the updates in the backend, but the frontend does not show the updates. In most cases, there are three simple reasons behind this:

  1. The article is retrieved from the cache: When caching is used, then updates to your Joomla article will not appear because the article’s page or parts of the article’s page will be retrieved from the cache. Solving the problem requires you to clear the cache. We have written about this problem and how to solve it here.
  2. You are updating the wrong article: Sometimes, you can be so focused on seeing immediate results on your website that it’s possible to oversee very obvious mistakes, such as updating the wrong article. This often happens when you have articles that have very similar titles, of if you’re updating an older version of the article.

  3. You are updating a category that has the same name: In Joomla 1.7 and up, categories and articles are often mixed up. Just make sure that you’re not updating a category that has the same name of your article.

If you have cleared your cache and made sure that you are editing the right article, then you might have a different problem. Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to solve it for you. This work will take us a maximum of 1 hour and our fees are very reasonable!

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