Joomla Cleanup Service

Joomla is a great CMS – but, unfortunately, like any other CMS, it does get hacked. This is especially the case if you’re running an old, unsupported version of Joomla or if you have some exploitable extensions installed.

If your Joomla website is hacked (and most likely it is since you are on this page), then fear not. At itoctopus, we will clean up your website in no time.

The Cleanup Process

We first analyze the hack. Is it really a hack? Is it an indexing hack? Is it a database hack? Is it a filesystem hack? Is it a GoDaddy hack? Is it something else?

As soon as we know the type of hack, we use some advanced techniques to discover where the hack resides and then we clean up the website. The cleanup may involve:

  • Removing malicious files
  • Cleaning up the database
  • Cleaning up core Joomla files from malicious entries

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive, but in most of the cases, this is what we do.

Once we cleanup the website, we then check if the website is still hacked. If it is, then there is definitely another hack that we haven’t fixed (some websites suffer from multiple hacks, unfortunately). So, we repeat the above process until the website is 100% clean.

We then inform the client that the website is clean and we ask for payment (if we haven’t received it already).

The Fees

We charge by the hour with a 30 minute increment after the first hour. Usually unhacking a Joomla website takes anywhere between 4 hours to 16 hours depending on the type of the hack. The majority of websites are fixed within 8 hours. You may want to take a look at our fees.

Whatever the case is, we will tell you how many hours and how much it’ll cost to cleanup your Joomla website prior to starting the work. No unwanted surprises there!

The Payment

For our North American clients, we expect to be paid immediately after the work is done. For the rest of the world, we only start the work after receiving full payment in advance.

The payment must be done by PayPal for first time clients and international clients (e.g. clients located outside North America). Returning clients who are based in North America can pay us by checks.

The Aftermath

After we cleanup the website and receive the payment, we send an email containing some action points to be taken in order to enhance the security of the website and to ensure that the website is better protected and less vulnerable to malicious attacks. The client is free to appoint us or appoint another company to implement those action points.

Note that we highly recommend our clients to implement our true and trusted Joomla security tips or else they risk being hacked again.

How to Get Us Started

If you feel comfortable dealing with us after reading the above, then we urge you to contact us or call us at 514 933 8036 (+1 514 933 8036 for international clients).