Joomla Enterprise Support

If you are an enterprise and you are struggling to find reliable Joomla support (and you’re inch close to ditching Joomla because you are getting desperate), then look no further: our enterprise Joomla support is exactly what you need!

As a large business, you can rely on itoctopus to do the following:

  • Maintain your Joomla website.

    Typically, we spend 2 hours every day maintaining one enterprise Joomla site. We check the logs for anything fishy (errors, sudden and substantial increase in 404s, hack attempts, etc…), we monitor the load during peak hours, we ensure that there are no hiccups, and we fix problems before they even materialize.

  • Secure your Joomla site.

    Our decade (well, more than a decade) long experience of securing Joomla sites means that we know all the ins and outs of Joomla security. We know the methods that the attackers use to exploit Joomla sites, and we know how to block these methods. We have also developed our own firewall, created a a ModSecurity rule to block brute force attacks, and experimented with the honeypot project.

  • Update/migrate your Joomla site to the latest version.

    Your Joomla dark ages are no more! As an enterprise, you don’t have to put up with your old Joomla website just because you’re afraid that something (or everything) might break. We will update/migrate your old Joomla website to the latest version of Joomla seamlessly and professionally, and we will ensure that everything still works after we’re done.

  • Optimize your Joomla site.

    Not only we are experts in Joomla optimization, we adore it, especially when the Joomla website in question is a large website with an impressive amount of traffic. We will reduce the load on the server (by optimizing core/none core SQL queries and complex PHP code) to a comfortable level, and we will ensure that your website will scale well with your traffic. We also know many, many small tricks that will enhance the performance of your Joomla website, and we will enhance your Google PageSpeed Insights score.

  • Integrate your Joomla site with any marketing tool.

    At itoctopus, we have integrated a lot of Joomla sites with many prominent marketing tools, including, but not limited to: GetResponse, Eloqua, HubSpot, Integrate, Pardot, Salesforce, Tealium, and Telenet. You can rely on us to integrate any Joomla site with any marketing tool you can think of, as long as that tool has a documented API.

  • Fix bugs in your Joomla extensions.

    You know that 3 year old bug in one of your Joomla extensions that your marketing team always complained about and that nobody in your IT support wanted to fix? We will fix it for you. Not only that, we will fix other bugs on your Joomla site that you didn’t even know existed!

  • Develop new features for your Joomla site.

    So you have a complex new feature on your Joomla site that you want to develop but you have no resources who can do it? We will be happy to do it for you (as long as it’s not a design task, because we’re all developers)!

What makes us different at itoctopus?

There are many reasons that make us stand out from the crowd, such as:

  • We genuinely care about your business.

    We’re in this for the long term. As such, we genuinely care about our clients. We want our clients to succeed and we want them to make more money, because we know for a fact that when they do make more money, then we will make more money. We worry about their businesses the same way we worry about ours.

  • We answer emails almost instantly!

    Have you ever sent an urgent email to a developer on a Saturday evening and got an immediate reply? As an enterprise client, you will with us! We are always there for your business.

  • We take initiatives.

    We don’t wait for you to tell us to update your website; we tell you that your website needs updating and we’ll schedule that update and then perform it on the scheduled date. We don’t wait for you to tell us that your server needs to be upgraded, we will discuss the upgrade with your host, schedule it, and then execute it.

  • We are autonomous.

    We work on your website and enhance it without you being involved. For example, it is common that our clients see a new feature added to their sites or a bug fixed without them telling us anything.

  • We are Joomla experts.

    We have an unsurpassed experience in Joomla security, optimization, and integration. We know all about the internals of Joomla and we have developed quite a few extensions (some of them are posted for free on our blog).

What about our payment terms?

Our payment terms are clear: for your first task, we request full payment immediately when the job is done. For subsequent tasks, you will be billed at the end of the month for the number of hours we spent working on these tasks, and payment must be submitted immediately. You can check our fee structure here.

Now, if you are happy with you what have just read, and if you are interested in working with us as much as we are interested in working with you, then don’t be shy, just contact us and let us take it from there!