Joomla Migration Service

Joomla administrators are becoming more aware of the advantages of migrating to Joomla 2.5, which are mainly enhanced security and better stability (not to mention, of course, the fact that Joomla 1.5 is officially exploitable), and this is reflecting in the number of Joomla migrations we’re doing: so far this year, we have migrated an impressive number of Joomla websites from 1.5 (or even 1.0) to 2.5 or 3.1. These websites range from small websites with only a few pages to very large websites with over 100,000 pages (and a lot of extensions). In most cases our customers don’t even know that their websites were migrated until they visit the control panel. That’s how seamless and professional our work is!

So, how do we migrate a Joomla website?

We are very transparent in our work! In fact, we have described the whole migration process here – but if you don’t have time to read a 2,000 word post, then here’s what we do in a nutshell…

  • We backup the Joomla website. Although we don’t work on the actual Joomla website, we back it up. That’s how careful we are.
  • We migrate the extensions including the template(s), the components, the modules, and the plugins. We also re-create extensions that no longer exist or that were custom made for that particular website.

  • We migrate the data. The data is anything that is entered by the frontend or the backend users into Joomla. It can be the users’ information, the articles, the menus, the modules’ settings, etc… We migrate that data, while taking into consideration changes in the database infrastructure, to the new website.

  • We test the website. Although we continuously test the Joomla website throughout the process, we do a final test when the whole website is migrated. This test allows us to fix those little bugs that we missed while working on the website.

  • We secure the website. We have been working with Joomla for so long that we have devised methods to strengthen its security to repel those malicious attacks.

  • We flip the website. We move the old website into a safe place inaccessible to the outside world and we move the newer website into the former’s location.

Although we apply the same process for small and large websites, we have a mandatory additional step for the latter: optimization. It is a fact that Joomla 2.5 is slower and heavier than Joomla 1.5, especially for websites with lots of content. In order to overcome this limitation, we heavily optimize large Joomla websites post-migration. This optimization results in a 2.5 version of the website that is substantially faster than its 1.5 predecessor.

And who are our customers?

As a potential customer, you might be interested to know who some of our customers are. We are proud that our customers include (among many):

  • Intel
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Wiley

Of course, we have many small to medium companies as our customers, and we are proud that they chose us. So, whether your company is small or large, we will be proud to have you as our customer.

But what about our prices?

We think that our prices are competitive. We charge a minimum of 2 days work (each day costs $600) for a Joomla website migration. Of course, that fee is for a very basic Joomla website. Migrating large Joomla websites costs more, so feel free to contact us about the price.

Generally, we do not like to take a retainer from customers and we prefer to get paid when the job is done. However, for new customers, we usually ask for 50% in advance. There are always exceptions though and we are very, very flexible! We never sign contracts and we never make our customers sign them either!

So, what is the information needed to migrate a Joomla website?

In order to migrate a Joomla website, we will need the site’s hosting credentials (hosting credentials can be: server information [root access], cPanel/WHM credentials, username and password to access a GoDaddy control panel, etc…). Of course, we assume that these hosting credentials will give us access to both the database and the filesystem where the current (and the future) website resides.

And why choose us?

Good question, and we have answered it here. And since you’ve already asked this question, we would like to point out that we are not here for the quick buck. We don’t want to do a quick job, get the money, and vanish. We want to do a good job. We want to keep our customers and we want to help our customers grow so that we can grow with them. We might be wrong, but we think that business growth is contagious.

Now how soon can the migration work start?

Usually immediately! Just contact us at 514-933-8036 so we can start!