Joomla PCI Compliance

PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of security standards that websites have to follow in order to be able to process transactions (Visa and MasterCard insist that websites comply with the PCI requirements before they are allowed to process credit card transactions).

PCI compliance is split into three parts:
– A part examining the physical infrastructure supporting the website (do you have a firewall? Is the e-com database located on another machine that is not on the public network?)
– A part examining your security standards (who has the passwords to your servers)
– And a part examining the security of your website itself (This is the part that we will help you with).

We understand that many Joomla websites want to process transactions on-site, but we all know Joomla’s (bad) reputation when it comes to security (and rightly so). We are glad to say that we can help you make your website PCI compliant.

How? We’ll take a look at the report you have from the third party company (for example, securitymetrics) testing your website, we will analyze it, and we will fix all the issues that you have on your website (generally, what we need to do is fix the problematic plugins, occasionally fix some core code, as well as changing the PHP settings).

We know we can make your website PCI compliant, we’ve done it many times before, and it always worked, so go ahead, contact us!