Joomla for Dog Breeders

We have talked before on how Joomla is ideal for small businesses. One small business that we think is greatly benefiting from Joomla is the dog breeding business. It’s amazing how many dog breeders out there use Joomla to power their websites…

Now why do dog breeders use Joomla? And how does a dog breeding website that is powered by Joomla look like? And what are the typical functionalities needed in dog breeding websites? Let us answer these questions…

Why do dog breeders prefer Joomla over other CMS’s to power their websites?

As stated earlier, most dog breeders out there use Joomla to power their website, but why did they choose Joomla (instead of WordPress, for example)? Here’s why:

  • Joomla is reasonably easy: Dog breeders are able to create and update content in Joomla easily. Since dog breeders have a lot of content to add and modify every week, it is essential for the process of adding/removing content on their website to be reasonably easy.
  • Joomla has many templates that can be used by dog breeders: Dog breeders are able to choose from an array of templates that are specifically targeted at their business.

  • Joomla has many extensions that can be used by dog breeders: For example, and by using specific extensions, dog breeders are able to list all their dogs online and they are also able to do sales online.

How does a dog breeding website look like?

We have noticed that the following pages are common in dog breeding websites:

  • Homepage: The landing page of the dog breeding website.
  • Albums:: A page containing cute pictures of dogs owned by the dog breeder. The purpose of this page is to grab the attention of the visitors.

  • Puppies for sale: A page listing all the puppies that are for sale. Some websites integrate a shopping cart on this page and thus are able to sell their dogs/their services online.

  • Our services: A list of all the services offered by the dog breeder. For example, vaccination, cleaning, hair cutting, etc…

  • Beware of scammers: This is basically a page telling visitors how to spot dog breeders who are scammers.

  • Testimonials: A page listing testimonials from different clients. Each testimonial consists of the name of the client, how she’s satisfied with her current dog, and why she recommends this dog breeder for other clients.

  • FAQ: The “Frequently Asked Questions” page. A page containing all the questions that are usually asked by the clients when buying from a dog breeder. All questions are answered on this page.

  • About us: A page containing detailed information about the dog breeder (when was the business created, by whom, how many dogs sold until now, which area does the dog breeder serve, etc…)

  • Contact us: A page that can be used to contact the dog breeder, usually includes the phone number and the address of the dog breeder, as well as a form that visitors have to fill in if they want to contact the dog breeder through the website.

  • Sitemap: A regular sitemap that visitors can use to locate buried pages on the website.

What are the typical functionalities in a dog breeding website?

There are two essential functionalities needed on any dog breeding website:

  • Photo album: Dog breeders use photo albums to show their dogs to the visitors. (Note: This is used in the “Albums” page above).
  • Catalog: Dog breeders use a catalog to display all the dogs that they have for sale. The catalog consists of a listing of all the dogs for sale, and each entry in this listing consists of an image of the dog, the dog’s name, the dog’s breed type, the age of the dog, and, of course, his price.

Additionally, there are many dog breeders who sell dogs online, and thus require a shopping cart and integration with a payment gateway (such as PayPal) in order to do this. The VirtueMart extension is able to handle this requirement (and more!).

If you are a dog breeder and you wish to create a Joomla website for your dog breeding business, or if you are a dog breeder and you already own a Joomla website for your business and you wish to upgrade it/enhance it/extend it, then we’re here to help. Just contact us and we’ll take it from there!

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