Joomla for Law Firms

Many of our customers are small to medium law firms, who want to expand or create their presence on the Internet. In the first case, our customers just want to expand their Joomla website to include features such as powerful newsletters or social networking. In the latter case, the customers don’t have a website yet, but they have already chosen the design, so we just create a new Joomla website for them, and we help them fill in the content, we also teach them how to use Joomla on their own.

Typically, the website of a law firm consists of the following:

– A homepage: The homepage consists of a short bio about the firm.
– Firm Overview: More detailed information about the firm.
– Attorney Profiles: The profile of each and every attorney working in the company (can be all on one page, or can be each on an individual page)
– Practice Areas: A page consisting of sub-pages each explaining a different practice area of the law firm.
– FAQ: A page containing some Q&A on legal issues (for example, slip & fall).
– Contact Us: A detailed contact us page, containing the full address, the phone numbers/the fax numbers/the emails, and a contact us form.
– Other pages such as privacy policy, legal/disclaimer, and sitemap.

Note that the basic contact information (such as the phone number) is present on every page.

So, now that we’ve listed the pages, what are the features that a law firms asks for its Joomla website to have? Well, in no particular order, here they are:

– Ability to have a form for clients to contact the law firm through.
– Ability to allow people to print pages on the website.
– Ability to send newsletters to their customers.
– Ability to see the traffic data (including search queries) coming to the website.

Some customers also ask for the below features:

– Ability to search on their websites.
– Ability to have a blog.
– Ability to create custom forms.
– Ability to integrate their website with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you have a law firm, and you want to create a Joomla website or upgrade your Joomla website, then feel free to contact us. We have helped many lawyers create/expand their online presence, and we are confident that we can help you as well!

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