Joomla Outsourcing

In this article, we will discuss outsourcing for Joomla websites, its advantages and disadvantages. We will also conclude on whether or not you should outsource your Joomla development.

Outsourcing means having someone do the programming work for you, even if you have some programming experience, typically for a cheaper price. Outsourcing, in all of its forms, exists now for more than a couple of decades, and is being used by many companies, regardless of their size or the size of their projects..

Since many websites (over 1% of the websites in the whole world) are powered by Joomla, it is natural that outsourcing becomes a hot topic a Joomla, but is it a good thing? And what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The disadvantages of outsourcing in Joomla are very similar to the disadvantages of outsourcing in general, and they are:

  • Miscommunication: In many cases, companies outsource to other development companies in non-English (or poor-English) speaking countries. This usually results in miscommunication issues between the involved parties over the outsourced project, which may result to frustration on both sides, and a job that is not well done.
  • Incomplete requirements: Most companies that accept outsourced work do not bother to do some good requirements gathering for the project, this is because they don’t really care about the project, nor the company paying for the project. They only care about the money!

  • Low quality: Most companies outsourcing work on their Joomla websites, get some very low quality work, including broken functionality, security issues, etc…

As for the advantages of outsourcing your Joomla website, they include:

  • Fast development: Usually the companies that the work is outsourced to are experts in every Joomla area, and thus the development will be much faster.
  • Low cost development: Because the development is fast (see above), and the work is usually outsourced to developing countries, the cost is of implementing a functionality is relatively low.

Now, as you can see from above, the advantages do not erase the disadvantages. The disadvantages are serious: a compan doesn’t want to spend a lot of time explaining something to some developers overseas who may or may not understand English and who may or may not understand the requirements, and who or may not care about the requirements.

So what’s the solution? The solution is to find a company where the developers speak perfect English, where the developers actually care about your Joomla website and your business, where the means of communication are traditional (including face-to-face or phone). A company that is serious about understanding your requirements.

So should you outsource your Joomla website? If you feel that the company understands your needs and that is not only there for quick money, then go ahead, outsourcing will improve your business. If, on the other hand, you feel that you’re not getting immediate and understandable responses about your queries from a company, then stay clear!

At itoctopus, we pride ourselves that we fall into the first category:

  • We treat the Joomla website as if it is ours!
  • We are experts in Joomla and Joomla security!
  • We keep asking questions about the project and the business until we understand what the full requirements are!
  • We get paid when the job is done, according to the specified requirements. So, we just don’t get your money and disappear, we only get your money when you think that we’ve delivered value to you!
  • We speak perfect English, and we understand all the accents, from the Texan to the Canadian accent, and everything in between!
  • We always keep to our promises!

If you have some Joomla project that you want to outsource, then check our very reasonable fees, and then contact us!

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