Joomla: Where Is It?

In this post, we have decided to answer 3 common questions that our clients ask us about the location of files/data in Joomla. We hope that this post will help everyone!

Where is php.ini in Joomla?

php.ini is a PHP system file, and has nothing to do with your Joomla website. php.ini is usually located somewhere on the server outside of your web directory. It might be located in places such as: /web/vhosts/ or /etc/. Sometimes, the php.ini file is located under the Apache folder, or under c:\Windows\System32 on a Windows server. Now if you want to override some setting in the original php.ini file, you may create a copy of the original php.ini file (you can ask your hosting provider to do this if you are on a shared hosting) and then modify its contents, and then put the modified copy under the root of your Joomla website. Note that this won’t work if your hosting provided disabled this “functionality”.

Where is configuration.php in Joomla?

configuration.php is located under the root folder of your Joomla website. For example: /web/vhosts/

Where are the articles stored in Joomla?

Joomla articles are not stored as physical files on the server. Instead, they are stored in the database in the table jos_articles.

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