Jumi Module Stripping Out Code: How to Fix

Ah, Jumi! The simple yet very powerful extension that allows you to add code anywhere on your website. We’ve used this extension thousands of times so far and we’ll sure to use it thousands more, at least until Joomla has a built-in extension that does the same thing.

From our experience, Jumi is almost perfect! “Why is it not perfect?”, we hear you ask. Well, because some of its features don’t work by default, you have to fix them first. For example, the Jumi module strips out code by default (and that is true even if you ensured that your Joomla user belongs to a group that has no HTML filtering in Joomla’s configuration), which defies the whole point. The cause of this issue is that the type of input for Code Written in a Jumi module is set to be filtered, which means that no matter which settings you change to make that Jumi module accept code (such as PHP code and JavaScript code), you won’t be able to!

Luckily this bug can be solved very easily. Here’s how:

  • Open the file mod_jumi.xml located under the modules/mod_jumi folder in your Joomla website.
  • Change the following line:

    <field name="code_written" type="textarea" default="" label="Code written" description="PARAMCODEWRITTEN" cols="60" rows="17" />


    <field name="code_written" type="textarea" default="" label="Code written" description="PARAMCODEWRITTEN" cols="60" rows="17" filter="raw"/>

  • That’s it!

After doing the above, you will be able to enter code – any code – freely in your Jumi module because no filtering whatsoever will be applied.

Of course, we think that this bug is weird, and the fact that no one has reported it so far is even weirder, considering the number of people who use this extension on a regular basis. Nevertheless, we’ve seen even weirder things, so we’re not that surprised. We hope that this bug will be fixed in the next version of Jumi (we’re not that optimistic though, since the bug has been there for years).

In any case, if you’re trying to add code to your Jumi module but that code is being stripped out, then please try the above solution. If you have tried it but with no avail, then all you need to do is to contact us. Our prices are right, our work is professional, and we are the friendliest programmers in the whole wide world (e.g. in the www)!

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