List of Website Types That We Are Unable to Work On

Frequently, we get calls from potential clients asking us to fix problems on their Joomla websites, only to find out afterwards that we are unable to do any work for them because of the nature of their websites. Clearly, this leads to disappointment on both ends: the clients need our work and they can’t have it, and we need the clients’ money but we can’t have it.

In order to minimize the disappointment on both ends, we are publishing the list of websites that we cannot work on. Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Websites with adult material, including nudity websites.
  • Websites selling alcohol and/or promoting the use of alcohol.

  • Websites related in any way to gambling/betting. This includes websites primarily discussing gambling/betting tips and tricks, gambling/betting websites that do not use real money for transactions, and websites primarily selling products that are used for gambling/betting.

  • Websites selling narcotics and/or promoting the use of narcotics. This includes websites selling and/or promoting cannabis for medical or non-medical purposes.

  • Websites with extreme political content (e.g. political websites that incite hate).

  • Websites used for scamming visitors.

  • Websites knowingly and intentionally selling counterfeit products.

  • Websites glorifying the suffering of any living thing (living thing may be an oxymoron, but you get the idea).

  • Websites selling (and/or promoting) magic services and/or products.

  • Websites with obscene content.

  • Websites intentionally promoting fake and/or misleading content.

  • Websites belonging to organizations and/or countries that are on the US or the Canadian embargo list.

The list above reflects our solid values that we believe will promote a better and cleaner Internet (and world) for everyone (we hope that all other developers follow suit, but we know that it’s almost impossible, after all, money is insanely seductive to the absolute majority of developers out there).

If you are in doubt whether your website falls into our blacklist or not, then please contact us, and we’ll give you a definitive and straight answer.

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