Multiple Categories on JEvents

Many of our clients want to have multiple categories on Joomla’s JEevents (An event component for Joomla). We always accommodate the request, and here’s how:

– We create a field called “multiple_categories” in the main events table.
– We change the field type of categories from a single select to a multiple select (see below)
JEvent Multiple Categories

JEvent Multiple Categories

– When the user submits the event, we populate the multiple_categories field with the IDs of all the selected categories, separated by pipes (|)
– We modify all the controllers to retrieve the data from the multiple_categories field as well as to the single category field (this part takes the longest time)
– We accommodate all the views, including the main events page on the website, to display the multiple categories.

So how much time will all this take? It usually takes us no less than a day (even though we’ve done it dozens of time already). So, at the current rate of $75/hour, the total cost will be for $600.

Do you want to support multiple categories but you don’t have the time nor the resources to implement the above? If yes, then contact us, we’ll do it for you!

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