Number of Websites Powered by Joomla

We know it, you’re here because either you’re a Joomla fan who wants to know how many websites are powered by Joomla to prove a point to your manager, or you’re a business owner/technical manager who’s deciding whether to use or Joomla or not (you want to know if there is a lot of websites that are using Joomla before making your decision).

Well, let’s calculate this number together. As of October 2011, there are over 500,000,000 websites1 and 202 million domain names2 3 in the whole world. According to Wikipedia and Joomla’s official download website, Joomla has been dowloaded around 23 millions times so far. Assuming that the conversion rate between download and installation is 10% (so for each 10 downloads there is a real deployment for a website), then the number of Joomla websites is 2.3 million websites. Since virtually all Joomla websites consist of domains, then the number of domains powered by Joomla is around 2 million domains.

To sum it up, 0.46% of all the websites in the world are powered by Joomla, and 0.99% of all the domains in the world are powered by Joomla, which makes Joomla one the most used CMSs in the whole world. So, if you’re reading this post just to make sure that you’re picking something that is used by someone else other than you, then rest assured, it is used by at least 2.3 other million individuals/companies. Now if you made your decision and you need assistance starting your Joomla website, then we’re always here to help!

1According to netcraft – see:
2According to pingdom – see:
3The number of websites is not the same as the number of domains, since one or more websites can exist under the same domain. For example, is a different website than, but both fall under the same domain name.

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  1. Comment by Anonymous — March 19, 2012 @ 11:07 pm

    Although Joomla is one of the most used CMS in the World, it is still way behind THE de facto leader in open source CMS, WordPress. WordPress makes it so easy to get up and running. Even though Joomla 1.7 is way better than Joomla 1.5, both are still very novice-unfriendly. Even a seasoned Joomla user like me has problems navigating the backend at times.

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