Our New Passion: Integrations

For the past decade, our (almost) exclusive focus was the Joomla product. However, in the past few years, we suffered from an increasing appetite to a specific marketing niche: integrations. We tried to stem this appetite by avoiding such jobs as much as we can, we tried to quench it by taking as many integrations as we possibly could, but both attempts were futile. We always felt the same way that Claudia felt when she (in)famously said in “Interview with the Vampire”: I want some more! and our Joomla conscience gave us the same look that was on Louis’ face when she said that (you can ignore this whole sentence if you haven’t watched the movie).

We know exactly why we love integrations and why we can’t get enough of them: they’re challenging and they are so much fun! Have you tried to integrate HubSpot with Tealium with Google Ads? We did, and it was so so exciting! Integrations are also about optimization, security, data integrity, etc… They really encapsulate every aspect of programming out there!

But why do we feel guilty about this?

It’s not that we feel guilty, it’s that we feel that this increasing passion is at the expense of another passion of ours, which is Joomla. But, we shouldn’t feel guilty, since most of the integrations that we are doing revolve around Joomla (some our integrations are directly with Joomla, like this one). Still, there is our Joomla conscience that it is telling us: “you don’t love me as before”, but we still do, and, as strange as it might seem, we are doing it for you Joomla. In fact, we believe that any growth in our business in any direction will solidify our Joomla interests, pushing us to come up with ways to make the Joomla product even more versatile and robust for enterprises.

So there you have it, we are now at peace with ourselves, we are still super passionate with Joomla, but we have a new passion, which is integrations! Satisfied, Joomla conscience?

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