“Save failed with the following error: Invalid parent ID” Error on Joomla

A client called us this evening and told us that all of a sudden, everytime he tried saving an article belonging to a certain category (it was the “Technology” category), he was seeing the following error:

Save failed with the following error: Invalid parent ID

He told us that articles belonging to other categories save fine, and if he switches the category of an article belonging to the “Technology” category to a different category, then that article will save fine. Hmmm… Usually, whenever we see something like this we think about a corrupt entry in the #__assets table.

So, the first thing that we did was that we logged in to the backend and then went to the Content -> Category Manager, and then clicked on Rebuild on the top right. That didn’t solve the problem…

The next thing that we did was that we opened the “Technology” category, and then clicked on Save on the top right. That fixed the problem! Joomla has automatically fixed the corruption in the #__assets table for that entry simply by saving it again.

But, why did the problem happen in the first place?

We really have no idea what caused this problem to happen, and our client was not interested in conducting an investigation to find out the root cause of this issue. Our guess is that the cause of this problem is a 3rd party extension that didn’t handle the #__assets table properly, and so it caused the corruption.

If you are seeing the above error on your Joomla website, then try rebuilding the categories in the Category Manager, if that doesn’t work, then try re-saving the category. If that still didn’t fix the problem, then your best option would be to contact us so that we can fix the problem for you. Our prices are affordable, our work is professional, and you’re sure to gain new friends who actually care about your business! What are you waiting for?

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