The Elusive “Thank You” Message On HubSpot Forms

Say you have a HubSpot form that you want people to fill in. The HubSpot form that you have is very long with many input fields that you need for your business. You embed it on one of your pages and then you send out an email with a link to that page. People fill in the form, and then they see blank. They become confused and possibly disinterested because of the perceived unreliability. A small percentage will also give your business a call saying “I tried to submit your form but I got a blank page”.

In reality, the page wasn’t a blank page, but the “Thank You” message was at the very top of the form, which caused the confusion, since the user who filled in the form was at its very bottom. This is a very annoying problem which seems to be ignored by HubSpot (possibly because they can’t find a generic method to solve it).

But there’s always a workaround. The workaround consists of leveraging HubSpot’s onFormSubmitted event to position the “Thank You” message in the center of the page, this can be done by getting the size of the div containing the “Thank You” message (in jQuery), and then getting the size of the screen, subtracting the former from the latter, dividing the number by 2, scrolling to the position of the “Thank You” message, adding the divided number to the top of the “Thank You” message, and finally setting the top of the “Thank You” message to the number that was just returned.

We agree, this is a lot of jumping through hoops for a feature that should have existed by default, but it is what it is.

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