The Ideal Server for a Large Joomla Website

We are currently moving a large client of ours to a very powerful server, and we thought it would be a good idea to share the hardware specifications of said server with our lovely readers (all 1 billion of them!). Without further ado, here they are:

Intel Dual Xeon Gold 6130 (32 cores): This dual processor will provide ample power for about 300K visits/day.

RAID 10 SSD Storage – 4 x 480 GB: This will provide the Joomla website with abundant storage for both reading and writing.

NVMe SSD Storage – 1.6 TB Micron 9200 MAX: This NVMe drive is assigned to the /var/lib/mysql partition in order to make reads/writes to the MySQL/MariaDB database much faster.

SSD Drive – 960 GB: This SSD drive is assigned to the backup partition and is used for local backups.

RAM – 256 GB: For this particular client, we are switching from 64 GB to 256 GB RAM. This will allow us to serve more simultaneous clients, and assign more memory for each PHP instance if the needs arise. This abundant RAM will also be very useful for enhancing the speed of MySQL operations.

Dual PSU: Such powerhouse server will need a lot of power to keep ticking.

We hope that you found this short post useful and we hope that you consider the above specs for the next server powering your Joomla website. If you need help with configuring the server for optimal performance, then do not forget that we are the Joomla optimization experts. Just contact us and we’ll make sure that your Joomla website benefits from your new server to the max, and we’ll do that for a very affordable fee!

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