“The parameter platforminfo.class must be defined.” Error on Joomla

A new client called us a couple of days ago telling us that he successfully updated the Joomla website of the company he works in, however, he told us that they had to revert back because of some issues on the website resulting from the update. He told us that after reverting back, he saw the following error on the website:

The parameter platforminfo.class must be defined.

The above error was displaying on both the frontend and the backend, which made debugging the problem a bit hard. A quick research on the subject revealed that this error was generated by the libraries supporting the RocketTheme template because of an incompatibility issue with PHP 7, and that the solution to the problem would be to update the RokCommon plugin (and library) to the latest version, which is kinda painful considering that both the frontend and the backend are down (side note: we never liked the RocketTheme templates, they’re really heavy and they are never fun to debug).

We asked the client whether he updated his PHP version as well, and he said that he didn’t and nobody else was working on the server. Of course, the question was, how come the original website worked with PHP 7, and the reverted website was showing this error. There was only one answer to this question: the revert wasn’t complete; either the filesystem or the database wasn’t reverted properly.

So we emailed the client on whether he reverted both the filesystem and the database and whether he made sure that he used the filesystem and the database from the same backup, and he told us yes, but he said that he noticed something weird thing when trying to revert the database, and it was that when he tried to load the database backup from the shell using the following command…

mysql joomla_database < joomla_database.sql

...he noticed that the command was executed successfully, yet the database in phpMyAdmin was still empty. Of course, that shouldn't happen, and a further investigation into the issue revealed that the problem was that the client had 2 servers, an old one and a new one, and he was restoring the filesystem to one server, while the database to the other. We addressed that and that fixed the problem!

But what if both the filesystem back and the database backup are correct and "in sync"?

In that case, the cause of the problem is a PHP update (to 7.x) that is not compatible with the current version of the Rok Joomla libraries (e.g. the the RokCommon library). The easiest solution to this problem is to have the website use an older version of PHP, which can be done using the MultiPHP Manager tool in WHM.

If you are seeing the error The parameter platforminfo.class must be defined on your Joomla website all of a sudden, then make sure that your website uses PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 7, and then update your RocketTheme template and all the Rok plugins/extensions (especially RokCommon), and then update back to PHP 7. If you are seeing this problem after reverting back to a previous version of your website, then a possible cause of the problem is that the database and the filesystem are not in sync. If you need help anywhere in the process, then you can always contact us. Our work is fast, our quality is top notch, and our fees are super affordable.

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