Unable to Save/Create Joomla Modules – What to Do?

A client called us this morning and told us that he was unable to create new modules and save existing modules. So, we logged in to his website and checked the problem, and it was like he said: we opened a module, we modified it, and then we saved it, but it wasn’t saving the new information. We weren’t also able to create new modules. What was weird though, is that we were able to set the Published status of the module from the module listing page (e.g. by clicking on the green published check mark).

At first, we thought the issue had to do with caching, but we quickly ruled out the problem when we noticed that modifications from the module listing page were taking effect immediately. In fact, the client didn’t have any caching on his Joomla website whatsoever.

We then thought the issue had something to do with a JavaScript conflict, so we checked the console in Google Chrome, but we didn’t see any errors.

We were desperate – and so we started blaming solid extensions for the problem, like JCE, for example. So we switched from JCE to the default Joomla editor, but that also didn’t fix the issue.

We were just about to do some serious debugging on the website when we noticed that the user had hundreds of groups in the Joomla ACL. Could it be like the problem we had a couple of weeks ago, where Joomla’s configuration settings were not saving, we thought?

So, we created a .user.ini file with the following content:

max_input_vars = 8000

We then placed the file in the root folder of the Joomla website, and we tried again, and this time it worked! Hooray! It was a super simple fix to a very annoying problem!

If you have the same problem on your Joomla website, then you can fix it by setting the max_input_vars to a very high number in the .user.ini file. If that didn’t work for you, or if you need help with the implementation, then please contact us. We always find a solution to any Joomla issue, our fees are super competitive, and we are always overjoyed to have good clients like yourself!

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