VirtueMart: Adding to Cart Not Working

Several customers approached us at one time or the other with the following problem: When they try to add an item to the cart in VirtueMart (on their Joomla website), the add to cart doesn’t work (nothing will happen – the person remains on the same page).

They also tell us the following information:

The first thing that our clients tell us is that they might’ve made a mistake while installing the SSL certificate (e.g. they didn’t install it properly), but, from our experience, in 99.99% of the cases, the installation of the SSL was done the right way. However, the problem is indeed related to the SSL certificate.

Here’s what to do to fix the problem:

  • First, ensure that SSL is not enabled for the whole website. You can do this by logging in to your Joomla’s backend, and then clicking on Site on the top left, and then clicking Global Configuration in the drop down menu, and then clicking on Server in the menu below, and then choosing None from the drop down menu next to Force SSL, and finally clicking on Save on the top right.
  • The second step is to ensure that SSL is only enabled on the checkout part of your VirtueMart (you don’t need SSL anywhere in any case to meet most e-com security standards). Note that newer versions of VirtueMart allow you to enable SSL on other pages of VirtueMart too, but you only need to enable SSL on checkout (the previous post on SSL – linked to from above – explains, in details, how to enable SSL on VirtueMart’s checkout page). Also note that enabling SSL on VirtueMart may slightly differ from one version to the other.

Now if you’re experiencing this problem and you are unable to fix it by following the above steps, then please contact us (our fees are very affordable), and you’ll be surprised how efficient we are.

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