Why Is It that Joomla Doesn’t Care About the Category Alias in Article URLs

There is a confusing “feature” in Joomla, and it is that the CMS, unintentionally, can have multiple links pointing to the same article. For example, if you go to the following URLs http://www.[your-joomla-website]/category-1/12-test-article.html and http://www.[your-joomla-website]/category-2/12-test-article.html then both URLs will work despite the fact that they point to the same article, and despite the fact that Test Article belongs to Category 1, and not Category 2.

And why is that a problem?

It is a problem, and a big problem, for that matter, because it will negatively affect rankings in search engines, especially Google rankings (Google will think that the website administrator is trying to spam its database with multiple listings for the same article). Imagine if you have 100 categories and 500 articles on your website. A worst case scenario will mean that you will end up with 50,000 different URLs instead of 500 – which will certainly dilute the strength of each and every URL. From an SEO perspective, this is a nightmare…

So, what causes this issue?

The issue is caused by the parse function which is located in the router.php file (which, in turn, is located under the components/com_content folder), which only takes into consideration the last part of the link for content items when displaying them. So, not only you can have a different category alias in front of the article alias, you can literally have anything! So even the following will work: http://www.[your-joomla-website]/abcdefg1234567/12-test-article.html (try it!), when abcdefg1234567 is not even a category alias (by category alias, we mean a menu item of type Category Blog with an alias that is the same as the alias of the category it is pointing to). What’s even worse is that the home menu item ID (which is the default one) will apply to these weird links, and so all the homepage modules will be assigned to them…

So, how can this problem be solved?

The best solution to this problem is through the SEF Advanced Link, which is a secret feature in Joomla (its mystery is only exceeded by its power, just like the Continuum Transfunctioner). All you need to do is to set it to 1, and we explained how to do that here. Now, if you’re wondering, the reason why doing this will fix the problem is because when this is set, the article ID will no longer appear in the URL, and so Joomla will have no option but to check all the parts of a URL in order to know which article it should display, as the article alias by itself is not sufficient to correctly locate an article (in Joomla, article aliases do not have to be unique).

The downside of the fix above is that it will alter the URL structure of the Joomla website (it will remove the ID of the article from the URL), which can result in a problem bigger than the original problem especially if you have too many articles on your website. So, what you will need to do is develop as simple script (and maybe place it in the defines.php file under the root directory of your website) which will check if the current URL has an ID in front of the alias, and, in case it finds one, then it will issue a 301 REDIRECT to redirect to the URL without that ID.

We have tried out best to make this post as easy as possible, but we reckon that it’s still somehow complex to implement, especially with the last part (redirecting from the old links to the new links). So, if you need help with the implementation, then please contact us. Our work is professional and efficient, our rates are affordable, and we are the most reliable Joomla developers on planet Earth!

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