You Cannot Migrate a Joomla Website With the Click of a Button!

A client of us called us today and told us that her website was hacked – again! She reminded us politely that we have cleaned her old Joomla website nearly a week ago but her website got hacked again, even though she did migrate to Joomla 2.5 as we recommended her to do.

That’s odd! We thought… So we asked her who did the migration for her. She told us that she did it herself – she just clicked on a button in GoDaddy’s control panel that will “upgrade her Joomla website to 2.5”.

Knowing Joomla and GoDaddy, we were confident that such a thing was impossible. Joomla is just too complicated to migrate with a single button and GoDaddy is not a company that goes to the level of creating an extremely advanced migration script for one of the many products that it offers to its clients. Could it be another fake Joomla migration?

So we told her that we needed to access her account on GoDaddy – and what we found out was that her website wasn’t even upgraded. What that button did was that it just created a sub-folder called Joomla 2.5.11 (which is the current Joomla version) under the root directory of the website.

We communicated our findings to our client who was shocked! We were shocked as well! Come on – what’s the point of this button if all it does is create a sub-folder containing the latest version of Joomla. In our opinion, that’s a bit misleading especially since many clients don’t even know what Joomla 2.5 looks like – and so they think that they have seamlessly did the migration by clicking that button.

We have to say that we were a bit disappointed with GoDaddy – and we’ll make sure to pass this message to them.

If you think you can migrate your Joomla website with the click of a button – think again! In best case scenarios, a Joomla website migration from 1.5 to 2.5 will take at least 2 days (and that’s for a really simple website). If you need help migrating your Joomla website, then contact us. Our prices are quite affordable, our service is superb, our work is professional, we always answer the phone, and we are really, really friendly!

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