Joomla Template Is Not Working!

Sometimes you find a very beautiful Joomla template (no, not all Joomla websites are ugly), you download it, and then you install it. Once you try to install it, you will be faced with one of the six following scenarios:

  1. The template works and your website looks exactly as the demo image/website for the template.

    Possible cause(s):

    • The template perfectly matches your Joomla version and doesn’t require extensions that you don’t have installed and activated.

    Action(s) to take:

    • None. You’re now proud of your website and of your work! Congratulations!
  2. The template works, but displays a few errors here and there.

    Possible Cause(s):

    • You are missing some extensions (modules or plugins) that the template requires to work perfectly.
    • The template’s code contains some small errors.

    Action(s) to take:

    • Read the template’s manual to see what kind of extensions it requires. Most templates come with a manual explaining how to install the template and what are the extensions the template needs.
    • Check the template’s code for any error and fix it.

  3. The template works, but doesn’t look exactly as the demo image/website for that template.

    Possible Cause(s):

    • The template requires some extensions, but it is well programmed to work well even without these extensions.

    Action(s) to take:

    • Read the template’s instructions manual and see what are the extensions it needs to work perfectly.
  4. The template doesn’t work, and you see a blank page on your website.

    Possible Cause(s):

    • Your Joomla website is set to hide all errors (regardless of how critical they are) and the template requires the presence of either an extension that you don’t have (or you don’t have installed) or is using a PHP function/class that is not available in your environment.
    • The template you have downloaded contains a fatal error in the code.

    Action(s) to take:

    • Change your configuration settings to show the errors. Once the errors are revealed, then you can examine where the error is originating from and you will be able to know how to solve the problem.
    • Check to see if there’s a call to a PHP function that you don’t have. If this is the case then contact your hosting company with the problem; they will be able to sort it out for you.

  5. The template doesn’t work, and you see a page full of errors on your website.

    Possible Cause(s):

    • The template cannot work without one or more extensions, and you don’t have this(these) extension(s) installed and activated. (Note that these required extensions are usually plugins)
    • There is a PHP error in the actual code of the template.

    • There is a call to a PHP function or a PHP class that does not exist in your environment.

    Action(s) to take:

    • Check each and every error message to see what are the files that the template is complaining that it cannot find. These missing files usually tell you what are the extensions that you need but you don’t have to run this template.
    • Read the instructions manual of the template. It will usually tell you what are the extensions that the template needs.

    • Check to see if the errors are about complaints to non-existing functions that seem to be PHP functions. If this is the case, then you will need either to contact your hosting provider (as described above) or try to create equivalent functions yourself.

    • Check to see if the errors are about a missing semi-column here or there or some wrong PHP code. If this is the case, then you will need to fix these errors in the template yourself or have some Joomla Experts fix it for you.

  6. The template cannot be installed.

    Possible Cause(s):

    • The template is written for a Joomla version other than the one you have on your website. For example, you’re trying to install a Joomla 1.5 template on your Joomla 1.7 website (or vice versa).
    • The template’s XML file is not well formatted and the Joomla template installer is unable to recognized it as a definition file for your Joomla template.

    Action(s) to take:

    • Check the XML file for the template to see if it’s written for your Joomla version or not. If the Joomla template is written for another Joomla version than the one you have, then either fix it so that it can work on the Joomla version of your choice or just search for a different template altogether.
    • Check the XML file for the template to see if it contains any errors (unclosed tags, etc…) and fix these errors.

If you run into any problem installing a Joomla template, then feel free to contact us. We’re always ready to help and our rates are extremely affordable!

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