The Joomla Experts

We, at itoctopus, are the Joomla Experts!

That’s what our ad on Google says! But do we deserve this title? We believe that we do, and here are 20 reasons on why we think we deserve the title of Joomla Experts:

  1. We know how to create any feature (extension) you want. We also can modify any existing Joomla extension to suit your needs.
  2. We have never turned down Joomla work because we were not able to do it.
  3. Our competitors outsource Jooma work to us when it’s too hard for them to do it themselves.
  4. We are the Joomla Security Experts. We use advanced techniques and a world class security software (see Acunetix and Joomla) to ensure that your website is safe and secure and that it remains safe and secure.
  5. We know how to dramatically speed up even the slowest Joomla website.
  6. We’re able to know what’s wrong with any Joomla website in an incredibly short time.
  7. We are very fast in our work. What takes our competitors hours to finish gets finished by us in an hour or less.
  8. We give you recommendations on how to enhance your website, even if you elect not to work with us.
  9. We are always friendly and professional with our customers, and we are genuinely care for our customers.
  10. We worry about the details when we work on your Joomla website.
  11. We’re not here only for the money, we’re here also for the fun and because we like to serve our customers!
  12. We can perform at 100% productivity at all times!
  13. We can fix your Joomla website even if it’s 2 AM in the morning, on Christmas eve, when all our friends are out there with their families. And we won’t complain!
  14. We will always, always find a solution to your problem. Our customers come to us and know that whatever Joomla problem they have, we will get it done!
  15. We maintain a blog where we mainly write about Joomla (tips, security, best practices, etc…) nearly every day.
  16. We have been working on Joomla since its inception (even before, when it was still called Mambo).
  17. We have worked on many Joomla websites and have many Joomla clients. Our clients include: Universities, congressmen, cities, churches, law firms, local newspapers, radio stations, restaurants, schools, small businesses (such as artists, architects, caterers, convenience stores, doctors, dog breeders, hardware stores, motels, musicians, photographers, real estate agencies, etc…), and many other non profits and for profits organizations/companies.
  18. We only write elegant code that others can easily read and can work with, should you decide to cease working with us.
  19. We treat all your data as confidential, and we destroy your website’s credentials once we cease working on it. We are professionals!
  20. Last but not least… We can re-create Joomla from scratch!

Oh, and here’s a bonus:

  1. We can ensure that your Joomla website meets all the web standards out there, including, but not limited to: PCI (for e-commerce compliance), W3C (for HTML compliance), and TrustE (for privacy compliance).

Do you still have any doubts that we are the Joomla Experts? If you don’t, then feel free to contact us whenever you need help on your Joomla website, as we are always ready to serve you, and our fees are very reasonable! If you still do have doubts, then try us anyway, and let us prove to you that we really are experts in Joomla!

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